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the good

the good

DAM is the good drink. Sparkling water, 5% alcohol and a touch of fruit. That's it. The simplicity of our sparkling water makes it possible for you to enjoy life in the best way possible. With only 70 kcal, 0% sugar and a hint of natural fruit flavour, DAM will be your new favourite drink.

Dam Seltzer Dam Seltzer Dam Seltzer

Your new
favourite drink

Our 3 natural flavours

a good

0% Sugar

Our seltzer is low in carbs, because it contains 0% sugar

Just 70 calories

With only 70 kcal DAM Seltzer is the low calorie alternative for beer and wine

100% Natural flavour

We’ve added a touch of fruit flavour in DAM Seltzer, so you can enjoy in a 100% natural way

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good questions

What is DAM Seltzer? What type of alcohol is it? What are the ingredients?

DAM Seltzer is pure and clean. It contains sparkling water and a rectified spirit with the highest purity as tested by master distillers. Each drink is gluten free, vegan and contains delicious natural fruit flavours.

Is DAM Seltzer gluten free?

Yes! DAM is 100% gluten free.

Where do the 70 calories come from?

As DAM Seltzer has no sugar and its flavouring is all natural, most of the calories comes from the alcohol.

Where can I buy DAM Seltzer?

We are launching our seltzer in the beginning of June, after the launch you can buy it directly here on our website! Do you want to be the first? Stay up to date!

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